A Novel in Two Books
by N. K. Johel

Thank you to all the people who supported me throughout this project. No man (or woman) is an island unto themselves. If they are, then it is a lonely world indeed. To all the hard working people who assisted me in editing and developing Bollywood Storm. I am indebted to you. Thank you for the time we spent together on our separate writing projects, editing, critiquing, arguing and, finally agreeing to disagree. It is through work, this refining process, that we discover the story, voice, character and bring forth our works: D. Michael Gerow, Sue Nelson Buckley, H. Dent, Vera Bedard, Tanya Lisle, M. DeRosier, Elin Plumb ( who contributed to song "The Usual Blue", Bahareh (who listened as I read the whole novel to to her live on Skype.) Alyssa Linn Palmer, Rab Feeney, editors. To my family, friends and acquaintances. Thanks for your support, friendship, kind words and encouragement through this adventurous, but long journey. Your presence has made all the difference, from reading my manuscript and giving feedback, or just saying, "How's it going? Get it finished. Can't wait to read it!" And - thank goodness for Facebook! D.H. Gerow, S.K. Sangha, J.K. Johel, M. Walker, J.C. Chan, Robert Alan White, S.D. Wilson, S. Sandhu, S. Wilcox, M. Behm, R. Doman, K. Dhaliwal, T. Plesner, K. Marsden, J. Rabu, Dr. L. Falls, B. Hallas, P. Wilson, P. Chatha, C. Kirkland, K. Woolverton, J. & N. Dharampal, G. Cheema, T. Bergey, The HBC sisterhood: Monica, Linda, Bahareh, Caryn, Jenny, Jennifer, Prati, Fernanda, Ruth, Rita, Meera, Sabrina, Maggie, Daun, Mercedes The Bus 640 Crew: D. McDonagh, J. Belanger, The Fireside Cafe: R. Speed, A. Keech; God; Life.​