Rolling The Credits

A Novel in Two Books
by N. K. Johel

A list of characters, locations and songs for Bollywood Storm

The Heroine(s):

Elanna Forsythe George Rakhi Chand

The Client:

Simryn Gill


Rajesh Sharma

Romantic Interest:

Lt. Ricky Chandra, NYPD

Supporting Cast:

Abendabun Amandeep Khan Nataraj Dancers: Tarun, Ami, Pumi, Rama and Chand Chano, the Village Sweetheart Christina Ivanovic Fatima Gary Dhami Gurdave Kaur Harshad Verma Homer Smith, Computer Geek Jeetain Johnny Akkarah Karishma Chawla Laila Durga Little Miss Pinky (and her girls) - Two-bit dancers Makhan Singh Mark D'sousa Minoj Patel Mona Prasad Nandita 'Beeji' Chandra Ominotago Pool boy in Buffalo Motel Raj Balrou Ram Rita Chawla Robert Smith Sanjay Menge Suraj Amir Suresh Sharma - Sharma's legitimate child Unnamed South Asian Lab Assistant in Niagara Falls Young Rajesh Sharma Martin Johnson Marla Johnson KWOL Camera man, Rajnesh KWOL Hostess, Indu ji KWOL Onsite Reporter Ramala Premnath Anil Negendra Gary 'Chamcha' Dhami The Caribbean born, white lab-coated “doctor” Lila, the Image Consultant Rashbir Dulku

Misc Law-Enforcers:

Canadian RCMP, Constable Rodney Phair Niagara Falls Police: Officers Trent and Jones Highway Patrol Officer Jones (BPD) Buffalo Police Department Captain Jones, BPD Homocide Response Unit leader Jackson, Fulkner, Dylan, Robertson, Nichols, and Drenth, Lt Simms, BPD Newsome Officer George Rudy Sergeant Martin


Agent Zeke Smith Silent partner-in-black


Captain John Stewart Geraldo Fitzpatrick NYPD SWAT team-leader Swat Team Members

Gods, Entities and Goddesses, Creatures and Things:

Bicky the Doll Cobra at Buffalo International Airport Dorango - Multi-voiced bird Goddess Kaali Ma Sentient Cobras in Cave The Bhujangen The She Wolf at the Bollywood on Broadway Musicians and Singers “Jagroop” Korina Meghana Prasad

Cameo's and Walk Ons:

Asif Salam, IE: Vinod Kumar Baby Simryn Gill Clerk in the Ye Old Sex Shoppe Sikh man in Buffalo convenience store Blonde samurai-waitress at the typical truck stop diner Bobby Nihal Bored Buffalo Police Department Receptionist Crazy Lady on the Street Dramatic, phony, overcharging Psychic Elaine – car rentals clerk, Buffalo Airport Evening waitress at Mom & Pop Motel & Diner Emergency-doctor in Buffalo Four Bollywood starlets in Suite 1509 Indian-takeout-delivery driver, in Buffalo Irate woman at Bollywood Film Festival John the Gas Station Attendant Mani – Bollywood Planet Hotel clerk Manu “Munjinder Kaur” Gun wielding boyfriend, Prem Mr Anand Niagara Falls Hotel Clerk Niagara Falls Nasal 911 operator Philip, the doorman Ranjit Singh, Room Service at The Bollywood Planet Hotel Private Jet-pilot Jim Jones Roopa, Simryn's mother Security guard at Karishma's door The-man-in-the-suit-and-tie in Mere Dil Ke Tara Waitress at Seven Flowers Teahouse Hostess at Roshnan Asima Young Makhan Singh Young waiter at Georgione's ....and a cast of thousands!


Songs from the movie, Meri Dil Ka Tarra: “The Sun Calls Me” “Without You” “Say that you'll be mine” 'Meri Dihl ke Tarra Atarna' Songs at the Bollywood on Broadway Ballroom and Theatre Facility: “Chup Chap kiyoo ha?” “Mera Mander Ke Samalan Walla” “Healing Song” by Ominitago Saying Goodbye to New York: “Mud Sleepy River Blues” Bara Banta Songs: “Dhoor Dhoor dhiyan ha mere mitra” by Korina and Jagroop “Not the Usual Blue“ by Christine Ivanovic Seredova Instrumental sounds of the TRANSCENDENTAL night club Instrumental sounds of Nataraja Dance Academy Sanjay and Rakhi duets “Kiya ho giya?” “Makhan Jasa Dihl” Roshan Asima “Kiss, Kiss,Kiss” by Meghana Prasad Finale “Coyni meri Jaise vaise”by Rakhi


Bara Banta “The Big Deal” Underground Casino in Mumbai Beeji's house Bollywood On Broadway Ballroom and Theater Facility Bollywood Planet Hotel BPD Police Buffalo Airport Buffalo Hotel Buffalo Hotel sauna and pool Bungalow at the end of the Jungle by the sea Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai Dhoni Maach Restaurant Elanna's Apartment Gas station in Buffalo Giogianes' Pizza Harshad and Laila's apartment Hospital Room In New York Johnny Akarrah's Bungalow Mom & Pop Motel outside Buffalo Nataraja Dance Academy JFK Airport in New York Niagara Falls Hotel NYPD 23rd Precinct One Stop Sex Shoppe Parkade in New York next to 23rdPrecinct Rakhi's apartment Restaurant in Niagara Falls Room 1509, not 1504 at the Bollywood Planet Hotel Roshan Asima, an exclusive members-only club Sanjay's Beach house Seven Flowers Tea house Shansui Restaurant The Dhoni Maach restaruant The Ethereal Plane TRANSCENDENTAL! Nightclub Typical Truck Stop Diner next to Mom & Pop Motel outside Buffalo Un-named underground temple outside Mumbai Un-named forensic lab in Buffalo Un-named hot dusty pathway in India Un-named Opium Den Un-named street in Spagetti western town – High Noon