A Novel in Two Books
by N. K. Johel

What’s in a Name?

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. A cobra by any other name, however, would be just as lethal. One of the fun elements about Bollywood Storm is naming the scenes, and we often used the name of a character and its meaning as a title. The chapter names add to the fun. And they do have numbers, too.

Bollywood Storm Book I: New York Scenes

Prologue 1. The Call 2. The White Goddess 3. The Falls 4. Bhujangen in Buffalo 5. Murder & Roses 6. Zeke at the Teahouse 7. Suraj: The Sun 8. Sergeant Martin's Last Stand 9. Special Delivery 10. Bicky 11. Sisters 12. Red Carpet 13. Bollywood Knights, Bollywood Daze 14. Abedabun: Sight of Day 15. Bollywood Knights, Bollywood Daze, Part 2 16. Minoj: Love, Springing from the Intellect 17. The Chamcha 18. Rajesh: King of Kings 19. Rakesh: The Moon

Bollywood Storm Book II: Mumbai Scenes

1. The Big Deal 2. Stop, Thief 3. The Teller of Secrets 4. Johnny's Reckless. 5. “Ya Devi sarvabhuteshu, branti rupena samsthita” 6. Rahki: The Thread of Brother-Sister Bonding 7. The Abyss: Brahman 8. CUT-CUT-CU-U-U-U-T! 9. Rahki, Natrarani 10. Makhan Singh to the Rescue 11. Rita: The Truth 12. Harshad: The One Who Laughs 13. Laila: The Dark One 14. Rahki's Song Epilogue