Bollywood Storm Update

A Novel in Two Books
by N. K. Johel

Now that the website is finally up, here is the update to what is happening with the novel. As of today, Bollywood Storm - An Elanna Forsyth George Mystery is in it's fourth edit.  The story was conceived in October 2006 for a NaNoWriMo, which was only supposed to be an exercise to get my mind away from my other book in progress.  Many of you may, or may not know, what NaNoWriMo is.  It's called "National November Writing Month.  The goal is to write 50,000 words within one month.

I had come up with a skeleton of a story, sort of a plot line, and a couple of characters.  By November 1st, I had little idea of how it was going to go.  And so I handed it over to the characters right away!I crossed that 50,000 word line by November 30th, and showed the friends who encouraged me through NaNoWriMo.  They were emphatic that I finish it. After a rest, I returned to find out how the book would end.    The first draft was finished by September 2007 and I began editing it in January of 2008 with an editing group, which was a great learning process.  There are a lot of people to thank who supported me through this process.I hope to have the book completed and ready for publishing within a few months.

N.K. Johel