Bollywood Storm Website Goes Live

A Novel in Two Books
by N. K. Johel

Well, the day had come. Yesterday, I located the tool I wanted to use to create a website and blog for my novel, Bollywood Storm - And Elanna Forsyth George Mystery. I did a search after having looked at the other tools available. Weebly caught my eye because of the flexibility it offers. After trying it out, I decided it was workable. It would give me more control than the others I've tried. I like this columns option because it allows me to create more readable space. Yes, this could be exciting.

Creating the main image for the website was easy, even though I had some problems when I chose other style template and then couldn't find my original image. But, in time I realized that these little goofs actually give me a chance to create something better! In my philosophy as an artist, writer and human being, ultimately there are no mistakes. We may grieve over losses, but there could be something better around the corner. And, of course, it's a great lesson on attachment. Gotta love Buddhism.